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Equine Unlimited has a wonderful new 40x40m outdoor arena. The carpet surface is lovely and soft. There are a number of jumps and half of the arena has dressage markers marked out. There are also lots of poles etc. The arena can be hired, please see the costs below.

There are a number of stables in an open barn, therefore horses always have a good view! The stables are 12x12ft and have rubber matting and shavings. Current liveries all live out, so there is always stables available. Stables can also be hired for overnight trips etc. Please see costs below.

stables close up.jpg

There is a full range of trec/agility type obstacles available. These include; ditches, bank, pedestal, flags, tarpaulin's, things to go over, under and through, weaving cones, scary corridors, s-bends etc. These facilities can also be hired, please see costs below for prices.

The yard is large and there is plenty of space for lorries and trailers. If you want to just come for a day hack, then you can park up safely, use the compost loo before you ride and then have a cuppa and biscuit in the tea room when you arrive back! Please see costs below.

yard good.jpg


Arena Hire: £15 per hour

Stable Hire: £10 for a day or £20 for day and overnight

Agility Field Hire: £20 per hour

Parking of trailer & use of facilities: £10 for as long as you need 

Corrals: £10 for a day or £20 for day and overnight

Don't want your horse stabled if staying overnight, or coming to a clinic and don't want to tie your horse up to your box when your not working with it? Then we have 4 small 25x25ft grass corrals. So horses can have a roll, eat some grass and have a bit more of a stretch. 

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