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Saddle tramping (journeying into the hills and staying overnight with your horse) is our No 1 love! The bond that develops between you and your horse is simply wonderful. Horses love travelling and there is no better experience to be had with your equine.


Equine Unlimited offers 2 - 4 day clinics where we train you up in a number of topics inc; basic map reading, planning routes, setting up a corral/tether, campcraft skills, equipment and basic horse and human first aid. On the 4 day courses we spend one night in the hills camping. Please see the Courses/Clinics/Competitions section for dates and costs We can also run clinics at your yard if there is enough interest. 


We can tailor make any package for you and your horse. Whether you want us to plan you a route, where to park the horsebox, where to camp etc... Or we can offer accompanied trips where we stay under the stars with you! We can also offer bothy trips. Trips can be any number of nights or distance you want! Just get in touch for more info. Please note we occasionally hire our own horses. But only for accompanied trips and only to experienced riders who appreciate our no fear, gentle approach to horses. We also have horses we can use as pack ponies. 

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